The business transformation was successful. LLC Novomorsnab handled over 300 thousand tons of cargo at the new site.



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Cargo Transportation

Cargo Transportation The major activity of Novomorsnab Ltd. is transshipping of general cargoes from railway wagons and auto vehicles into sea containers and vice versa. Also, the laden containers with foreign trade goods are handled.

Our company has rich experience in loading into containers different types of cargoes, from spare parts, toys and over import cargoes in small boxes, to steel in 6-8 tons rolls and oversize equipment and techniques.

Main types of handled cargoes:

  1. Fertilizers, components for synthetic washing compositions, and other non-hazardous chemicals. We have accumulated extensive experience in handling bulk cargoes, arriving in big-bags or bags. Each cargo unit is examined by terminals tallymen immediately after unloading from wagon, damaged during transportation units are repaired or repacked into reserve tare. Worked out for thousands tons of cargo, our loading technology allow to perform works in shortest terms avoiding damage to cargo quality.
  2. Non-ferrous metals in blocks and bundles, including non-ferrous metals wire in coils. Terminals technologists together with producers factories specialists are constantly upgrade the loading schemes for non-ferrous metals in various tares, for full usage of weight and volume cargo capacity of transport units.
  3. Cargo Transportation -    Hazardous cargoes. Our company is acknowledged leader among dry-port terminals of Novorossiysk in handling of hazardous cargoes. Terminal have government license allowing to receive hazardous cargoes of every classes except explosive and radioactive cargoes (1 and 7 IMO classes accordingly). You can find detailed information about handling hazardous cargoes at our terminal at this section.
  4. Organic synthesis products. Polymers and rubber. At the pick load moments in covered warehouses were located up to 10 thousand tons of polymers in bags and on pallets.
  5. Cargo Transportation -    Imported cargoes in containers, motor vehicles, railway wagons, arriving at Novomorsnab Ltd. customs bonded warehouse. Customs bonded warehouse has started its work 18.02.2008, and is constantly used for storage and loading of every types of imported and transit cargoes on motor vehicles and railway transport. In customs control warehouse there is wide range of cargoes, from motor cards to hazardous chemical and equipment. More detailed information on this matter you can find at this section
On the basis of its own terminal, Novomorsnab Ltd. provides full range of in-port forwarding services in the port of Novorossiysk:
  • Cargo Transportation -          receipt of the goods brought by railway at its own railway system (the total length of the railway track allows to handle up to 30 railway wagons at the same time) and the receipt of cargo motor vehicles at the own specialized terminal sites;
  • issuing the necessary port cargo documents including a customs declaration;
  • loading goods into sea containers of all lines having service in the port of Novorossiysk;
  • arrangement of empty containers delivery and the dispatch of loaded containers to the port; for hazardous cargoes - in "the direct way" to the board of the ship;
  • issuing of the all necessary documents for export of hazardous and heavy cargoes;
  • storage of the cargo waiting for the ship's arrival as well as the accumulation of freight consignments for shipping, handling oversized and heavy cargoes including issuing all necessary documents and submitting them to the Government bodies' approval;
  • handling and storage of hazardous cargoes in specially equipped places;
  • handling the imported cargoes, arriving in containers. Payment of port taxes, arrangement of survey by governments institutions. Delivery and transshipment of import cargoes at own terminal and in port.
If you wish to make an offer for transshipment of freight-forwarding services please follow this link.

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